Donnerstag, 2.8. - ca. 23:00

Leftfields, ein Film von Jörg Stefke und Roland Svoboda
Ö 2011, 56 Min., HD, Farbe

The documentary “left fields” (as a reference to the genre term and to D.I.Y.) deals with the struggle of independent artists to gain ground in 2011 music business. Interviewing MCs, label operators, producers and bookers, “left fields” explores the network of genre-crossing artists such as Ceschi, Noah23, Babel Fishh, Th’ Mole, Gonjasufi, Robot Koch, Comfort Fit, Fulgeance, Oskar Ohlson, who collaborate within networks across Germany, Switzerland and Austria. So basically it is a lot about the spirit and maybe punk attitude of this movement.

Working with a very limited budget “left fields” tries to provide an insight into the alternative hip hop scene featuring various concerts, the development of art work (design, screen-printing, etc.) and of course the opinions and stories of everyone involved. “left fields” comes with a hand-made, screen printed cover on a limited edition DVD and is going to be launched in Austrian cinemas and festivals in December 2011.with: Ceschi, Robot Koch, Fulgeance, Gonjasufi, Th’ Mole, Dark Time Sunshine, A Band of Buriers, Oskar Ohlson, …

APP-O-NEGATIV / NOMADENETAPPE  / live-film-vertonung - bei Einbruch der Dunkelheit (ca. 21:00)
christina chra nemec, didi neidhart, alois huber, fm zombiemaus & david Pfister
DJ HOEC (laton)